Private Advisory


Front Office:

  • What truly differentiates (1) of many traders from an Exceptional Relationship Manager ?


  • What makes one deal accretive and what makes it  dilutive ?

  • What is the tail risk of others ? Can we generate trade patents from this understanding.

  • “Tailing” the hedge.

  • How can we maximize the use of ERP in trading to track positions/risk.

  • Measuring, pricing and merchandise risk.

Back Office:

  • Enhance P&S, Invoicing,

  • Reporting with automation

  • Improving control and KPIs such invoice accuracy.


  • The Contracts.

  • Quality Control.

  • De-bottlenecking a commodity trade with a holistic view of the supply chain and  its documentation and audit trail.

  • The alignment of the inventory, the space and transportation.

Transactional & Operations in Commodity Trade and Transportation



A Commodity Transportation Specialist running a traditional arbitrage business.

With a detailed understanding of the commodity trade, risk and transportation we know the exact value of the commodity or space and advise the trader, producer, and the end-user.

The target for this service however is (1) TOP-TIER organization. Contrariwise, we would not be able to beat conflicts of interests.


-For timely & actionable advises.

-A Strong Defense in Commodity Trade and Shipping.

-Privacy and Confidentiality.




Commodity Merchant Trading and Shipping Advisory Services