Simon Jacques





  • What truly differentiates (1) of many traders from an Exceptional Relationship Manager ?

  • “Tailing” the hedge.

  • The Risk Dimensions of Physical Trading

  • Trade to Cash

  • Measuring, pricing and merchandise risk.

  • De-bottlenecking a commodity trade with a holistic view of the supply chain and  its documentation and audit trail.

  • The alignment of the space and transportation with the trade.

Transactional & Operations in Commodity Trade and Transportation



A Commodity Transportation Specialist running a traditional arbitrage business.

With a detailed understanding of the commodity trade, risk and transportation we know the exact value of the commodity or space and advise the trader, producer, and the end-user.

The target for this service however is (1) TOP-TIER organization. Contrariwise, we would not be able to beat conflicts of interests.


-For timely & actionable advises.

-A Strong Defense in Commodity Trade and Shipping.

-Privacy and Confidentiality.


Simon Jacques

Manager of commercial relationships and mastering the art of commodity merchandising, Simon Jacques is a long-term strategist of agricultural and energy merchant assets with complex risk fundamentals applied to a macro view on price and non-linear dynamics.


Simon is a certified Energy Risk Professional, as distinguished by the prestigious Global Association of Risk Professionals.

Structuring and relative value managing of physical facilities with an advanced understanding of the stream value and the asset embedded optionality.

Simon Jacques

Advising the producer, processor and end-user in North America.



Risk physical commodity trading

Physical Dimensions



Commodity Merchant Trading and Shipping Advisory Services