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4th generation of a business lineage preserving an heritage and a tradition anchored in the Excellence of knowledge, Simon Jacques is a manager of commercial relationships, mastering the art of commodity merchandising.

Exclusive advisor to leading energy marketers and producers with energy merchant assets, complex risk fundamentals applied to a macro view on prices, spreads and non-linear dynamics, I impart the knowledge and business skill sets necessary for the professional staff to function effectively.

Simon Jacques is a certified Energy Risk Professional, as distinguished by the prestigious Global Association of Risk Professionals.

His Transactional & Operations expertise in commodities is based on hundreds of engagements with some of the world’s leading houses and banks in energy and agricultural commodities at Commodity Merchant Trading and Shipping Advisory Services, the international commodity merchant trading consultancy dedicated to help a clientele comprised of traders/merchants and banks to achieve world-class competency in commodity trading and trade finance.

I master the art of commodity marketing and I’m obsessed with the details of this art.




Simon Jacques

Advising the producer, processor and end-user in North America.