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  • What truly differentiates (1) of many traders from an Exceptional Relationship Manager ?

  • The Risk Dimensions of Physical Trading

  • Trade to Cash

  • Measuring, pricing and merchandise risk.

  • De-bottlenecking a commodity trade with a holistic view of the supply chain and  its documentation and audit trail.

  • The alignment of the space and transportation with the trade.

Transactional & Operations in Commodity Trade and Transportation







Simon Jacques, a Commodity Transportation Specialist running a traditional arbitrage business.

Certified Energy Risk Professional, as distinguished by the prestigious Global Association of Risk Professionals.

With a detailed understanding of the commodity trade, risk and transportation we know the exact value of the commodity or space and advise the trader, producer, and the end-user.

  • Operate light-logistics with an exceptional Trade-to-Cash and Risk-Management

  • Minimize risks and create performance

  • Streamline the company to harvest trade financing and access higher volume.



The target for this service however is (1) TOP-TIER organization. Contrariwise, we would not be able to beat conflicts of interests.


-For timely & actionable advises.

-A Strong Defense in Commodity Trade and Shipping.

-Privacy and Confidentiality.


Risk physical commodity trading

Physical Dimensions



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