Nidera B.V. incredible machination SITCG-Part XIV đź‡łđź‡±

Nidera did business all over the world, it could have been a “global leader for which quality, innovation and sustainability were the high priorities”. The dutch trader could have been a grain company like Cargill, a very clean company, arch-structured like we like them in the world of commodity trading.Nidera could have been a Cargill, or one of those success stories like we like them in the world of trading, instead they have created an Enron of their own. Continue reading

Trans-atlantic Opportunities Can Appear In Unexpected Ways.

The Bunge North America- Bunge Europe Transatlantic Soybeans-Soymeal Swap

Navigating the commodities markets with Freight and Spreads © 2016 Continue reading

Spatial Competition, Arbitrage, and Risk in U.S. Soybeans

Conceptually, traders arbitrage price differences until markets have equal basis adjusted for shipping costs. In fact, location arbitrage is a “trading strategy to profit from market inefficiencies in price differences” Continue reading