Traders-SITCG Part IX Addax, once a diva of the Geneva oil trading scene

The long coming and overdue crackdown on the corruption in the world of commodity trading.
No War, the intrinsic value of assets= 0
-Nothing can better illustrates the value chain proposition of Addax who was raided by the Geneva Cantonal Law enforcement authorities this Monday for its alleged Corruption. As always the Swiss will find self-comfort, Addax is not “theirs”, it’ other people problems. Continue reading

Steering Windward: Koch Shipping

Twenty-two years at sea have earned Captain Andrew Smiley adventuresome tales to tell. Though anchored ashore for the past 14 years, his work is still in the water, moving products around the world. As vice president of shipping for Koch Supply and Trading, he manages the technical operations of 85-90 chartered ships at any given time. Continue reading