Nidera B.V. incredible machination SITCG-Part XIV 🇳🇱

Nidera did business all over the world, it could have been a “global leader for which quality, innovation and sustainability were the high priorities”. The dutch trader could have been a grain company like Cargill, a very clean company, arch-structured like we like them in the world of commodity trading.Nidera could have been a Cargill, or one of those success stories like we like them in the world of trading, instead they have created an Enron of their own. Continue reading


It is the deal swaggering the little Houston market-makers community. Ladies and Gentlemen, cats and dogs Goldman FICC nothing less than reloads the global physical energy platform…

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Traders or Commodity Finance Banks Part XIV. A French bank is eating GLENCORE’s bear flesh.

Sanctions have created major dislocations in the markets and while there is a decent level of volatility, Glencore is clearly on the wrong side of it.

CCI and Oddo are on the other side of this trade eating a free bear flesh lunch from Glencore.
Is Glencore unlucky or the trader creates its own luck ?

There is a belief that Glencore is in a good position (expressed by Long- equity indexers inadequately comprehending the interwined physicality and financiality in commodity markets) while in fact the reverse is totally true.

The existential questions are why don’t they simply make money by trading with the existing assets that they already control ? Continue reading