Traders or Commodity Finance Banks pt. XIX The Congo B rescue plan and the Armed-Branch of the French Energy Diplomacy

-‘Influence networks,, presidential advisers unofficial functions, the military, global commerce and all the weird people, seem to go through Switzerland at some point. It’s like an attractor’. Continue reading

Traders SITG Part XX- Trafigura Liquidity and Funding- Banks cover Trafigura massive financial hole.

For analysts at Iceberg, the firm’s whose mission is to “reveal financial manipulation and accounting frauds”, Trafigura has overstated hundreds of millions of dollars in debt securities issued by one of its associates, in order to artificially create profit.- June 19, 2019
While Trafigura’s chief financial officer Christophe Salmon said “he did not attach” any importance to the report (FT) we are told by several sources in Geneve that in the aftermath of the report, Trafigura created a crisis-cell to fend off the critics, hiring investigators to gather opposition research on their foes.
Indeed, we fear Iceberg auscultates a trader with multiple shade areas, if not, with a congestive heart failure. Continue reading

Traders SITG Part XIX- Côte d’Ivoire has to be Factored in the Gunvor S.A Affair.

It’s a story on Commodity trading and BNP are true heroes at the end. An overiding case of What to DO reversibly /NoT to Do inside the Swiss-based Commodity Sector 🇨🇭 Continue reading