In Memoriam OLIVIER dos SANTOS

ODS was an esteemed friend of jacquessimon506 in the little world of Commodity Trading… Continue reading


Brexit Double Edge Knife For The Commodity Industry in CH đź‡¨đź‡­.

With Brexit, the essential problem for the Swiss to deal with, is political, namely, Switzerland is stuck into EU bilateral agreement where UK is in negotiation using the single country out EU model to survive. As the bi-lateral accords between Switzerland and the EU are being updated, what type of deal is being offered to the Swiss by the Eurocrats and is the final agreement going to be the double edge knife for commodity industry in CH ? Continue reading

SAF-CACAO liquidation, shocks on the international cocoa market and the Ivoirian banking sector. Traders or Commodity Finance Banks ? Part XIX

Are commodity traders systemically risky? The recent events unfolding the default of the second largest cocoa trader/exporter in CĂ´te d’Ivoire will once again test the assertion ! Continue reading