Charlie’s Made Froth in Corn vs The Invisible Hand

AGs strategy/CME/Arbitrages Friday May 7th May weather risk and Brazil Corn Forecast pushing CBOT corn at the highest level the entry opportunity is in for W/C. – Continue reading

Zenrock Gefälschter Kredit und die Genfer Verbindung- Financing the Black Boxes Part V

You thought you were invited to a TRADER’S funeral but you were wrong… Behind this door what you are really about to witness is the back-scene of the destruction.

You’ve certainly heard about commodity trader Zenrock, but nothing in details or in the order of what we are about to show you. 
Your Commodity House is a Fraud.
This is not the Mirror or the SUN, this is more a case at the London Business School and in the HBS review, but make no mistake: it’s lethal and it will deliver a blow.

– A MERCHANT Continue reading

Socar, Pontus and the Banks. Exploring the Complicated Relation that Azerbaijan Entertains With Switzerland🇨🇭

Keep an eye on Turkish girls in Switzerland. The Secret Services, the Turkish SDECE established since the mid-1970s throughout Europe but above all Helvetia it is mainly from there that they operate the base of Socar Continue reading