Nidera B.V. incredible machination SITCG-Part XIV

Nidera did business all over the world, it could have been a “global leader for which quality, innovation and sustainability were the high priorities”. The dutch trader could have been a grain company like Cargill, a very clean company, arch-structured like we like them in the world of commodity trading.Nidera could have been a Cargill, or one of those success stories like we like them in the world of trading, instead they have created an Enron of their own. Continue reading


Protected: La liquidation de SAF-CACAO, chocs sur le marché international du cacao et le secteur bancaire Ivoirien, Causes Explications et Leçons.

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It is the deal swaggering the little Houston market-makers community. Ladies and Gentlemen, cats and dogs Goldman FICC nothing less than reloads the global physical energy platform…

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