What I do on a day-to-day basis !

Navigating the Commodity Markets with Freight and Spreads is the Authentic views with a genuine intellect of Simon Jacques, a commodity trade specialist running a traditional arbitrage business.

It is loved or hated but be sure: we are read to the point it cannot simply be ignored.

People often ask me Jacques why do you run it ? What I’m doing is trying to communicate a belief system, a philosophy, a concern that I have about life, the market and the trade. I write to communicate Ideas, thoughts and Navigating the Commodity Markets with Freight and Spreads gives a me forum to do it.

Some people wonder “what I do on a day-to-day basis”.

To answer this question I must first say that I regularly go on the ground, ask the right questions necessary for the understanding of transactions with collaborators, producers exporters and lenders. For instance the other day in the Port of Quebec I told “Bunge North America “swaps” the soybeans for soymeal with Bunge Europe…

Today I’m in Ohio with a cash-carry grain trader who shares my values. I refer to it as having a “Midwest Work Ethic”, where everything we want to accomplish requires hard work, hustle, and grit.


Grain is actually a freight-intensive physical commodity as opposed to the gas or power that is screen-traded. Freight is itself a market with fluctuations that are if not greater than grain but which left even the biggest traders at ADM with a bitter taste:  money is rarely made solely made on freight. More than often limit trades and quite often it creates losses because of the performance of the scheduling. Welcome to a reality of Commodity Trading.

“understanding is never knowing”( to be absolutely clear it’s the know to deliver)

Deliver: to move a contract physically. Thats why traders use my expertise. I brought one or two innovations into sequencing that enable some benefits for a customer exporting high-volume agri commodities to Korea via U.S West Coast.



Qualified companies are invited to drop a line if they would like to work with a Commodity Merchant an streamline the concept of Time is money in logistics.

– Simon Jacques



Simon Jacques +1-226-348-5610

Commodity trading and finance.

Producers, processors and the end-users in North America.

Navigating the commodities markets with Freight and Spreads © 2017


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