TEAMWORK: The Crop Tour

It’s early in morning, 92F°, it is unusually hot for a day in September.

The Team is getting in the field.




Late stage damage at this point will not affect the yield but how do we also roll out into 2017, both NPK- and defensively-wise ?





Few but very large pods.




Any opportunity to Learn is good.





This pod counting (when well done) can be very accurate.

It turned out that our estimate built was only 2 BU lower than actual crop at the harvest.




Feeding The World 

One bushel at the time…

600 Bushels per truck 😉



The author has many years of experiences in Commodities Transactions, Financial & Risk Analysis bringing together the know-how of the Dry/Wet Cargoes Transportation and the Commodity Trade Administration.

He consults full-time with hedge, traffic and logistics desks in commodity trading and end-user firms.

Contact Simon Jacques 1 226 348 5610







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