Commodity Merchant Trading and Shipping Advisory Services


Trading is one of the most demanding activity in the world.

For us the primary goal of this activity is to avoid tail-risk, what is the tail-risk of others and generate trade patents from this understanding and making fewer mistakes than others.

With our Transactional & Operations Expertise in Commodity Trade and Transportation and our economics expertise in optimal routing decisions & competition among modes of transport (marine and rail, wet and dry) we advise energy traders  with turning them into secret weapons.


Front Office:


  • What truly differentiates (1) of many Traders from an exceptional Commodity Merchant and Relationship Manager.




  • What makes one deal accretive and what makes it likely dilutive.

  • “Tailing” the hedge.

  • For SMEs we have maximized the use of ERP in trading to track positions/risk.


Back Office:


  • Manage inventory.

  • Enhance P&S, Invoicing,

  • Reporting with automation

  • Improving control and KPIs such invoice accuracy.




  • Out of the box Time, Losses and Costs reduction thinking.

  • The Contracts.

  • Quality Control.

  • Minimize delays.

  • De-bottlenecking a commodity trade with a holistic view of the supply chain and  its documentation and audit trail.



Transactional & Operations in Commodity Trade and Transportation




The Commodity-Centric Coverage Model of  COMMODITY MERCHANT TRADING AND SHIPPING ADVISORY SERVICES  provide the tactical intelligence aims for surgical strikes.


It is the genuine research from a Commodity Transportation Specialist running a traditional arbitrage business with the full experience of Dry/Wet Cargoes Transportation, Trade Administration with end-user firms.


Deeper than fundamentals, our quant-research derived from financial portfolio management and experience in commodity trade is applied to math-fin and events studies with the spreads and arbitrages always as the core business. 

The target for this service however is (1) TOP-TIER organization (contrariwise, we would not be able to beat conflicts of interests).


-For timely & actionable advises

-A Strong Defense in Commodity Trade and Shipping.

-Privacy and Confidentiality. (no medias thank you)


“The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing again and again, while expecting different results”.


Don’t imitate what the trading community has been doing over and over since one decade – over-promising but underachieving results.




Commodity Merchant Trading and Shipping Advisory Services



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